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Repair of shelter is possible and you need to do on your own.

You can whether qualitatively to make the testimony, in the apartment or house beauty salon, as well as more - major repairs yourself? Of course, this is quite feasible. It would be the desire to learn a new, time and the necessary financial means.

The portal created for those of you who would prefer to do all the work that is their hands. All posted on its pages article, unique instructions, recommendations and tips are written by these professionals in the construction industry. Thanks to this you can their boldly to apply in the case. Just don't forget that the repair is creative, so don't be afraid to experiment.

As you will learn, by visiting our web site

  1. Design, including housing and rearrangement is the most responsible part of repair. We'll give you correctly be projects, effectively zone premises, as well as needed, and to change their configuration.

Please Note! Repair Price is another very important issue. What building materials select to update apartment or house is not a wasteful? Who are the producers the most reliable and produces quality products? We'll walk you through this.


The correct design transforming apartment.

  1. Design determines the person housing. The update apartments you can attach a great deal of effort, but in the end, it only ground privations of the lack of warmth and covertness premises. We are main criteria now is you, as the traditional style design, and the latest developments. Spicy vegetables correctly combine colors, materials and features. As a result, you will be able to create a custom-design their own homes.
  2. Each of the premises: Children Room, living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hallway/corridor, have their own special features in the repair. All the rooms at our portal alienated individual entries. In them you will find the most complete information available, and how to make the data space beautiful, functional and cozy.
  3. There are many types of cover materials: plain and decorative plaster, the various types of wallpaper, ceramic, stone, ALSTROY Building finishing materials, futuristichnost, swaps, paint, varnish, etc.. Our authors tell nuances, such as select finishing material, to calculate the correct number of, and then properly routed.
  4. Update ceiling can be in different ways: catastrophic, wrap or wallpaper tiled dome. You can also use a drywall or mount tension ceilings. On all of these methods at the site there is detailed information.

To do repairs on their own is a pleasure.

  1. The wide choice of material and to cover the floors: laminate, parquet floors, normal and parquet planks, plug, carpeting, ceramic tile, linoleum, etc. The relevant articles repair we explain all the nuances about styling these materials.
  2. The door can be different: input and , hinged door, sliding, metal, wood, glass, plastic. Our authors' predictions secrets installation doors, locks and the proper insertion trim slopes.
  3. We can help you to explore all the nuances plumbing work in the home, at Headquarters or in the testimony.

By becoming our permanent scared, you will understand that, shelter repair their hands - this is not scary, but it is interesting, fun and instructive.