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New articles 2015

Tropotop started work on the green sculptures in the winter. The forum user created his works in the technique of classical topiary. All that it requires: a metal frame, plants (grass, bushes) and further curly cut. Tropotop made the first figures in art-topiary style. Master filled frameworks of turtle, seal, puppy and crocodile with substrate and planted them with ornamental grasses. As soon as plants have sprouted, the sculpture became “alive”.

The idea of creating cardboard furniture does not leave many designers combining design and ecological efficiency in the interior. Here are a few projects, showing some furniture which can be made from recycled cardboard. Although the cardboard, at first glance, is not strong enough to use it as furniture, and many people believe that such material can not be used for a long time, furniture manufacturers claim otherwise. ...

Snøhetta Norwegian-American construction company Snøhetta in collaboration with the Norwegian research centre for the creation of buildings with net zero energy (Research Centeron Zero Emission Buildings) built an extraordinary house. Eco-friendly buildings with minimum energy consumption are not rarity for Norway, but this time the engineers from Oslo created a home that consumes two times less electricity than generates. Thus, a network of similar houses can be completely self-sufficient and have no need for any external power supply. ...

Eco-house is an energy saving, energy efficient or passive dwelling that does not require the consumption of energy or requires it at a minimum level (this also applies to electricity, and heating). It is only 8-10% more expensive than usual, and even easier to build: it is not necessary to make the pipe water heating, store fuel, make boiler, etc. All costs repays fully within 7 years. ...

House of adobe - the most eco-friendly house In the XXI century, when the environment has already suffered enough, more and more attention is paid to the environmental solutions. Construction of houses of adobe is becoming increasingly popular not only in hot dry countries, but also in the CIS. ...

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